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1. Extra Curriculum
Koryo high school offers more classes than regular schools in order to finish what is ordinarily taught in three years
,so that students can spend their last year as a preparatory term for college exams.

2. Credit System

Credit System allows students to take classes that they need, especially for their entrance exams.

3. Course Selection System

Students can not only choose what subject but who teaches them.

4. 4 classes per day

Long time per class can provide students with class activities that take time.

5. Weekly test

To confirm how well they've learned, students have weekly tests.
The students are tested on what they learned over the past few weeks,
which enables students to know at once what they have missed.

6. Sateline Seminer

Students can take lectures online by teachers at Yoyogi Seminar, one of the biggest prepatory schools.

Audio Visual Room

7. Lectures by teachers from other schools

We invite teachers from different schools such as Yoyogi Seminar, Kai Seiminar, Nishi Tokyo Preparatory School, and Yamanashi Preparatory School, who teach students on special classes.

8. Quest Education Program

A program supported by Niikei Newspaper to help students learn about how businesses are run.

9. Camps

After students enter Koryo high school, they have a two-day camp in Kiyosato to learn
how they should study each subject. They can also get accustomed to high school life.
Other camps are also held occasionally during vacation.

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